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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Office Dishwasher

The office dishwasher is running twice a day to keep up with the dirty dishes

What does this mean?

Is it Frugality Nouveau 2009?

Or is it just that a couple of new team members are creating just that bit extra washing up

Personally, I have long done the maths on bought in lunches (220 working days a year x $10 = $2,220 spent on lunches alone)

And every $.60 spent from the pocket means $1.00 pre tax ($5,000 a year pre tax on lunches) 

So, given the new world order of uncertainty I am buying the raw materials and making my own (most days) and saving a lot of dosh

And I get more variety, the food I like and better control over the calorific content

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