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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Organics Are The Domain of the Rich

This article by A.A. Gill (one of THE best writers and cultural commentators around) is a review of the newest Gordon Ramsay enterprise in London - but also much more.  Gill's point (quite correctly) is that the "organic movement" has repositioned 'eating properly' as the sole domain of the rich and well-off, a position that food hasn't held for about 100 yrs.  Beyond that he brilliantly deconstructs the marketing-driven 'Emperor's New Clothes' at the heart of the movement - in the end, it's only accountants who can "tell the difference" between what's organic and what's not:

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  1. Interestingly, organics is also the 'right' of the poor - subsistence living people have no choice but to grow and garden organically. The cost of fertilisers is prohibitive (especially in a cashless society) and for those living below the poverty line, organics is not a term that comes mind - for them, it is sustenance - food for a family with shrinking bellies


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