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Monday, February 16, 2009

We Went To The Cinema - It Cost Me $60!!

We Went To The Cinema - It Cost Me $60

A family friend is in the film making industry, he asked me if there was any research as to why cinema attendances are falling

I responded by saying that a trip to the cinema cost about $30 in tickets, $15 in refreshments, and $15 in out of pockets

If there is a wide screen at home hooked up to a decent stereo or better, the in home experience is nearly as good as the cinema, the cost of DVD hire is much less, the price of a dud film is lower and you don't have to drive or leave home

And if you hook a computer up to your flat screen the latest releases are available on Bit Torrent as of NOW

How much longer does the cinema have in it's current format?


  1. Fair point...but as long as my current set up (which includes an old tube TV with no DVD player) remains inferior to the cinema, you will still catch me there every now and again.


  2. I'm not an expert at reading quant figures, but ABS seems to suggest cinema attendance figures are steady or rising - particularly amongst younger age segments ... who you would think would be doing most of the downloading. So I guess it lives to die another day ...

  3. (NP) Cinema attendance actually increased in 2008. They had the highest grossing year at the box office on record. A total of $946 million, which is actually a 6% increase on the previous year results. (MPDAA - http://www.mpdaa.org.au) ..

    So maybe people are getting their perceived perception of lower attendance from the current economic climate. ??

  4. do you think that maybe the increase i.e. $946mil is due to the cost of tickets going up so much, not the actual number of bums on seats?

    it's definitely not a cheap night out anymore!


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