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Monday, March 9, 2009

Are celebs dead?

According to leading celebrity agent Max Markson, inquiries for celebrity ambassadors are stronger than ever. "With reduced budget, hiring a celebrity for your brand is one of the most cost effective ways to stand out" SheMarketing e-news.

However, do we believe hiring celebrities to talk to people when they are scared of loosing their jobs, drowning in debt and struggling to make ends meet is a good idea?

There is the view that people are starting to get tired of self righteous celebs who drive their Prius one day and step onto their private jet the next, telling them what products to buy.

Are the whimsical powers of celebrities fading as the reality of the real world smacks us in the face?

To end this post on a positive note...here is a good use of celeb power by Jamie Oliver...check it out.

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  1. Poor old celebrities - oh, they actually are old. Have you seen the return of the old boilers to the cat walk. They now qualify as real women rather than celebrities and don't the women of their age cohort love to look for tell-tale signs of ageing? So to my own question, "is the celebrity dying?" Well, certainly the celebs are desperately trying to look like real people who care (about causes that promote their career), share (but how much do they give of their personal wealth to charities or people in need?) and live normal lives (we are all celebrities, aren't we?) or so they want us to believe. Certainly the external manipulation of a celebrity is on the wane. Celebs are doing it for themselves, Twittering like crazy and cutting out the pr rep. So, maybe it is pr rep that is dying? Does anyone have a hndle n this one?


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