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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Behaviour in tough times

I love that as researchers we can sit back and see how people are reacting to the current economic climate. Here are some clues from a recent SMH article.


"They are trading up from less expensive products and what they perceive to be poorer performing brands. We are seeing similar patterns in most developed markets - people are sticking to the brands they know and trust, even if they are a little dearer. They don't want to wash things twice. They don't want waste." Vice-president, marketing, David McNeil


Foxtel says the economic climate has created a trend for more people cocooning at home, which is generating subscription growth for the pay TV provider. For the December 2008 half, Foxtel's subscriptions were up 7 per cent. Pay-TV take-up is increasing this year, Foxtel says.

General manager of Stayz, Kirsty Shaw, who has about 20,000 holiday rental listings, says. "Online traffic is up 55 per cent for February, year-on-year. Nights inquired for over the Easter period is up 46 per cent. There's been a general increase in people holidaying domestically rather than travelling overseas."

"While competitors are taking a slash-and-burn mentality with their communications, we have been focused and consistent on how Hyundai delivers quality and value."

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