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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The death of magazines?

Check this out, I think this is the start of something .... the death of the magazine as we know it?

With advertising sales plummeting and revenues dropping, will it be impossible for magazines to remain viable in their current form?

The future...the only way is to innovate..is this the answer? http://www.drama-magazine.com/


  1. I can definitely see this gathering momentum...

    I would like to get a car magazine on my phone!

  2. PDA devices will continue to evolve to deliver everything we need to use as we move about the globe. Importantly, they will become a credit card as well allowing us to purchase on the move, store, delete and structure our lives. It is not just magazines that are at the forefront of the new media frontier, tv, cinema, books and music, not to mention live shows and news reports, etc will all have an opportunity to find new ways to improve reach

  3. An interesting theme on Stancombe In (side) Conversation is THE DEATH OF .....
    What else is on the demise?
    What will replace each of these things?
    Where to from here?


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