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Monday, March 16, 2009

Have you noticed ......Ostentatious shopping is out of fashion?

Thats right if you haven't picked up on it yet, 'dont brag about your new designer gear', 'brag about the second hand item you bought on eBay'

Have you noticed ......
Ostentatious shopping is out of fashion?

Many of us have less 'fun money' these days. Indeed, certain types who used to shop up a storm (bankers' wives, for example) haven't a been, leaving those still salaried feeling guilty about splashing out Meanwhile, we're told it's our duty to shop to save the economy. The upshot? We're spending more discretely.

 "As a society struggling with mortgage stress and credit card debt, we're rethinking extravagance," says Neradine Tisaj, author of How to Give Up Shopping (Hardie Grant, $19.95). "Bragging about the cost of your new designer gear seems a bit gauche now. In the current climate, people are more likely to show off something they've bought second-hand on Bay."

Sure, vintage bargains are all the rage these days, but for those fashionistas who prefer their threads fresh out of the packet, so too is sneaky shopping.

"My clients are still spending, but they're looking for less flashy things: confirms model-turned-personal-shopper Candace Lake. "And designers are taking note: a lot of labels are toning down their branding,"

This season, quality will be announcing itself with more of a whisper than a scream, which means overt designer logos are fast becoming no-gos. If your T-shirt announces that you 'adore Dior', it's time for a cover up. Also steer clear of signature checks, recognisable prints, and brashly branded buttons – that way, if interrogated, you can pretend it's a knock-off or an op-shop steal.

Perhaps this trend explains the latest Manhattan shopping craze of private after-dark store appointments. What's more, shoppers are requesting plain paper bags instead of branded ones, which give the game away. US label Proenza Schouler has discretion down: their satchels could belong to any schoolie.

For those who can't resist a dig at the fashion establishment, there's the irony option courtesy of Sydney-based label Bagladies, which has a 'Louis Who?' bag.

But however you decide to spend your money, just remember that too much shopping can damage your wealth.

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