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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Response to urban alientation - Cyber space to urban space (JC)

I was recently talking with Bryant about the new hackerspaces trend emerging, and how it has links with other trends such as bike co-ops, urban gardening, underground food movements etc...

It got me thinking...what does it all mean?

I recently watched a TED presentation by Miru Kim (2008) and listened to her story behind her amazing photography. She talks about how she started off exploring the urban ruins of New York because she was inspired by rats and then found some gorilla historians to find abandon buildings, which lead to her branching out on her own, to create the amazing photography series she does today. See below:

About half way through her presentation, she explains that her series tries to represent "The melancholy inertia of feeling alienated in an urban environment"

I think this is exactly why underground movements are appearing...they are adapting to an urban environment that has in the past alienated people from one another...in response the internet brought people together in cyber space...but now like minded people are gathering in urban space.

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