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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

'Wisdom of crowds' / 'The power of public opinion'

Susan Boyle...35 Million views on Youtube and counting...

Here is an interesting article from SMH...'Trusted voice waits in the wings'

The article comments on the recent 'Susan Boyle' phenomenon that has spread across the world via Youtube and the best version on Youtube of Susan's performance is the one with the most views...an incredible 35 million times (as of the 21.04.09...it was at 32 million at the time the article was written on 20.04.09).

I think this is the main point of the article...

"It is...the latest example of the great and daily upswelling of democracy made possible by the communications revolution which has obliterated the old limitations between those who direct and those who are directed, between those who inform and those who are informed."

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