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Monday, May 11, 2009

Are We Experiencing Cultural Exhaustion?

I really like this article from PSFK

It highlights the supposed problem we are having with popular culture today...not much has changed. The root of the problem according to Mark Fisher is 'exciting new technologies have actually stagnated real cultural development'

Here is a good little quote from his article:

“In general, however, Web 2.0 encourages us to behave like spectators. This is not only because of the endless temptations to look back offered by burgeoning online archives, it is also because, thanks to the ubiquity of recording devices, we find ourselves becoming archivists of our own lives: we never experience live events, because we are too busy recording them….”

I think this is why we seeing a shift from a 'consume mentality' to an 'experience mentality'...i.e. we are bored of seeing the same stuff all the time (whether its on an ipod or a plasma), to the point that voyeurism/spectating/consuming media content is no longer stimulating (youtube, reality TV, facebook, gossip mags etc)...I think we are now craving to be part of the action, empowered and challenged by real life experiences, as opposed to just recording and/or vicariously consuming them.

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