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Friday, June 26, 2009

ENJOYING FOOD - The return of Sensuality

Susan recently forwarded me this article about the rise and rise of 'Masterchef' on channel 10 pulling 1.3 million viewers 6 days a week across demographics.

The key to the program (a hypothesis at this stage) may be how it celebrates the sensual experience of food. See the quote below:

"This revelling in food is not about gluttony nor nutrition - there is no talk of calories or fat, and some of the meals look defiantly like gout material. It is about creating something which gives pleasure, about "flavour" and "texture" and "harmony", about elevating the senses of taste and smell."

Either way, it's clear that our relationship to food is changing. At the very least, we are becoming more engaged with food on both a physical and emotional level

It also appears others have caught onto the trend that people need physical and emotional nourishment...here is another interesting extract from an article about the success of a food retail chain in the US.

"Darden turned to research. "The key consumer insight was that people missed the emotional comfort and connectivity that comes with family," says chief operating officer Drew Madsen, then the chain's head of marketing. "People come to a restaurant for both physical and emotional nourishment. The physical is the food; and the emotional is how you feel when you leave."

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