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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

AMSRS Conference Review - Government Communications Stream


Brent Mackie – NSW Health Community Drug Strategies

  • From the government’s perspective there is a blurring of the lines between social and market research
  • mportance of mining existing public domain research to avoid repetition

David Bruce (Colmar Brunton) & Michele Hendrie (Attorney General’s Dept)

  • A common criticism of research is that it does not adequately predict subsequent consumes behaviour because it poorly mimics the true decision making process
  • No costs are associated with choices made during research, unlike the real world
  • Sometimes, it is necessary, and worthwhile, to spend a significant proportion of the research time creating a real-world environment rather than focusing on the research objectives
  • To research the language used in emergency warning systems, Colmar Brunton attempted to replicate the emergency environment by putting people into small teams and giving them sets of competitive tasks to complete (word, number and logic puzzles) but not enough time to complete them. While they were actively involved in these competitive tasks they were interrupted and asked to write down how they would respond to various emergency scenarios and communications
  • Only about 10% of the research time was spent exploring emergency scenarios – the rest was spent establishing a stressful environment

Craig Young – NWC Opinion research

  • Research and communications often favours larger NESB communities such as Chinese, Italian, etc) over smaller communities yet it is often the smaller communities that are most in need
  • Communities that are smaller, less established, comprised of refugees, from culturally different countries tend to be the most in need
  • And these communities tend to need very basic information: what they need to, why they need to do it, where they can do it, etc

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