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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

People care about brands - iSnack 2.0

Kraft's experiment went horribly wrong (or did it?) when they asked the Australian public to name a new Vegemite variant with cheese mixed into it.

They picked one of the worst names possible submitted by the public...iSnack2.0...which takes the meaning of 'naff' to new heights.

The Australian public universally rejected the new name and subsequently, Kraft was forced to put a new list of top names to an online vote (over 30,000 people voted)

However, what is interesting is that a lot of good came out of this for Kraft. They got massive amounts of press, huge attention from the public and lot's of people engaging with brand (...anger or disgust is still engagement!) and now they will probably sell heaps of iSnack2.0 jars as it's sure to become a collectors item after stocks run out.

So yes, people care about brands, otherwise no one would have cared what Kraft called their new baby. It also demonstrates that starting a conversation (for good or bad reasons) is probably a worth while exercise in today's media fragmented landscape.

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