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Monday, November 16, 2009

Price of Happiness

Interesting article in SMH today:


Talks about the financial equivalent to the impact of happiness on men and women.

Indicates that men are impacted to a far greater level than women from key life events.

Wonder if anyone has any hypotheses as to why?



  1. I'm not sure how this was done - but maybe men put more value into money than women, thus inflating the cost of happiness?

  2. Hi Clive,

    Really interesting article. I found the point regarding the greater sense of loss humans' are capable of feeling in comparison to gain very poignant.

    i wonder if women in lesbian relationships feel a greater sense of loss - perhaps women are simply more valuable than men and therefore the loss felt much more deeply...

    and of course these feelings are so subjective. thinking of all the old widows in my families. some moved on and adjusted very well. found their new lease on life. whilst others have really played up to the image of an old widow. black, miserable, refusing to move on...

    I would be interested to see how much variation there would be. and whether segments exist that are not gender specific...

    thanks for the food for thought. Lucy!


    We have been doing the maths upstairs. and we have a new conclusion: men are simply more superficial than women.

    Rationale: whenever asked to rate how happy they are due to a pay rise men have been attributing far greater changes in happiness levels to money than women have. thus impacting on dollar value of the life events.

    the debate continues...

  4. or that men are simply more sensitive than women give them credit for ;-)


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