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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mark Earls Whips Up The Herd @ AQR?QRCA Conference Prague, 2010

Mark Earls was the Keynote speaker for Inspiration In Action 2010 where he spoke on issues he outlines in his latest book titled: “HERD” (Wiley 2007)

According to the conference organisers, Mark believes:

 “Human beings are NOT individuals and don’t make decisions on their own. Human beings are herd animals. We do what we do because of other people.”

 “’Influence’ is more about the readiness of a population to adopt a behaviour than the behaviour of specific individuals, ie the Influenced do the heavy lifting of Influence, not the Influentials - and the fact that Influence is often mutual i.e. we all (well-connected or not) take cues from each other - that's one important reason why the search for the Influentials is so prone to misunderstanding and dead-ends.As soon as we grasp this, going about understanding and harnessing influence begins to be a little more sensible...”
 “Most marketing efforts fail to make a dent and most mergers and acquisitions activity actually reduces shareholder value".

Food for thought and plenty of counter-arguments that could be raised.

Mark was certainly a controversial speaker - just what a conference needs!
You can link into Mark's blog ... http://herd.typepad.com  (It is listed as one of the top sites in the UK so probably worth checking out!)

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