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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Soup Kitchen Kicks Off For 2010

To say that anticipation for soup kitchen this year has been at all time high is quite the understatement, probably something to do with the cold snap and all the rain we have been having. It was no surprise then that the first soup for 2010 saw a full turn out of 'Stancombites' getting stuck in to the two soups on offer, bowls were licked clean and plenty of people went back for seconds and thirds (yes Mike we mean you).

I opted for an earthy combo of 3 mushroom and thyme - made with a little cream and a whole head of roasted garlic. Helen complimented this with a super tasty pea and bacon soup.

We both enjoyed rave reviews and we will happily provide recipes upon request, but do bear in mind that I never really follow a recipe, it's more like a little bit of this and a little bit of that - the best way to make a soup in my mind!

Our soup kitchen donation jar is already looking healthy with everyone today gladly handing over $5 for their bowls of soup, by the end of the season we should have close to $1,000 to hand over to Father Sinn of St Canices Church. Each year he gratefully receives our contribution and ensures me that all of it goes straight to supporting their own soup kitchen, one that has a long history of feeding the impoverished men and women of Kings Cross and beyond.

With the bar set high for another year we are all looking forward to the delights that Bryant and Craig have in store for us next week, till then...
Bon appetite Emma xx

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