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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Soup Kitchen Week 2

Last week I made Roasted Butternut with Risotto and Goats cheese soup, and Bryant made Vegetable and Lentil with Smoky Bacon. 

I decided a risotto based soup would save me buying garlic bread as the rice would be filling and therefore tick the carb box.  Needless to say at 12.15 I went to the shop and bought some bread.

My only moment of panic was standing in Thomas Dux on Tuesday night looking at the goat’s cheese.  What if no one likes goat’s cheese?  Maybe I should substitute and make the soup with blue cheese.  What does ash covered goat’s cheese taste like?  10 minutes later and armed with standard goats cheese I headed home.  All I did on Tuesday night was roast the butternut as I decided that risotto would be better made fresh on the day.

I wasn't feeling very confident about my offering as it simmered on the stove top.  It tasted a little bland and lifeless and I felt that all the seasoning in the world wasn’t going to transform it.  What a difference the goat's cheese made.  It was beautiful and creamy and the perfect partner for pumpkin.  

My sagely soup advice is buy the best goat’s cheese you can afford, it was worth it. 


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