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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Soup Kitchen Week 5

The day finally came. I mean the day that I had, for the first time, to cook for everyone at the office (most of them, actually). Not only that, but also my cooking partner was Susan, which spiced things up in my head a little bit more. As you can presume, it was a little bit scary and felt a little bit anxious for a moment, but then my usual reasoning kicked in and I focused on the problem at hand as a good challenge to overcome and an opportunity to be creative, cooking something different that I never did before. Poor mind, I just love to manipulate it.

I have read here and there that, when writing, people from different cultures tend to make different kinds of mistakes. For instance, South American people supposedly tend to digress from the main topic that they are writing on. I don’t agree with that. Do you?

Anyway, I decided to make a crème of asparagus and leak. I was quite happy with the end result, but did have some problems while trying to make it bigger, since I knew that it should be enough for several people. Susan made a beef, vegetable and barley soup, which ended up having a great texture. We received very good feedback, which felt nice. Although we will never know if those are real honest words or people is just being polite. Maybe both?  

Fortunately, everything went smooth and painless. I think that Susan’s soup went really well together with mine and the gorgeous piece of bread that she brought was perfect. I look forward to the next soup kitchen, which definitely is a great excuse for getting together and knowing each other better.


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