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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Soup kitchen - Week 6

Week 6 in the Stancombe soup kitchen sees good humour shared by all (judging by the smiles on Emma, Craig and Colins faces opposite).

As by now soup is the way. The Sydney rain, she comes (most days it seems). The Stancombe soup, she comes (only on a wednesday). It is the way of winter.

So what better way to go after the Chilean-Australian 'axis of soup' than getting a couple of Poms who are (self-confessed) 'sub-standard chefs' on the case?

Poms more used to strawberries and cream at this time of year, rather than lashings of thick winter soup - and not-at-all suggesting that straws & cream is about at the top end of our culinary limits (who knew pancetta wasn't a cheese?) ...

Anyway from a 'puddle' to perfection for Colin:

What we see here is the results of an early evening cook-up-of-a-puddle (red wine provided to sooth those jangly pre-lunch nerves - thanks Emma Queen of soups!), followed by a devoted attention to detail in pureeing broccoli and slowly melting cheese into the pot.


Clive took a 'winter in a bowl' approach:

With pretty much every winter vegetable and herb (who knew you could buy so many at the supermarket), it smelt 'fab'.

However the early addition of pasta (macaroni for those interested), due to inconvenient meeting clash (note to self, need to reprioritise work-soup balance) may have ended up soaking up a little too much 'jus' (never really know what that word means, just assume its a posh word for gravy!)

However it was in fitting with the torrential downpour outside, so after the world cup its good to see some Poms finishing strongly.

Viva le Poms!

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