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Friday, September 24, 2010

Doing more with less - the garage is a magical place

I like the idea that money and resources are not always the answer to solve problems. Actually, too much money and resources can stifle creativity and human ingenuity rather than stimulate it.

I think we all love those wonderful business success stories that started from kitchen tables and garages with nothing but lots of energy, hard work and a bit of luck.

This endearing video demonstrates the point quite nicely:

On the big business side of things, this concept of 'doing more with less' also seems to ring true.

I was staggered to learn that Nokia’s research and development budget of 5.9 billion euros ($7.7 billion), including 3 billion euros for devices and services, is the largest in the industry. The company spent almost six times as much as Apple on R&D last year. (source: http://www.bloomberg.com)

It's incredible that a company once so dominant in the mobile phone market, could be blind sided by a computer company with relatively no mobile phone experience. But you have to remember that Apple has a culture of doing more with less. In his rogue days, Steve Jobs built the Macintosh almost in secret without the full support and resources of Apple.

With Apple now leading the way and Android based smart phones set to overtake Nokia in the next few years, Nokia's new CEO Stephan Elop definitely has his work cut out for him.

Maybe Nokia can learn something from this man and his garage?

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