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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The GaGa model - Lessons from Mother Monster

If you live in Sydney, then you probably know Lady GaGa recently graced us with her presence. 

She has been on just about every news website, newspaper, TV network and even got the keys to the city - basically GaGa is BIG news

Fan or not - what's interesting about Lady GaGa is how she uses the media. Of course Lady GaGa has enough gravitas that traditional media comes for free, but it's how she utilises the digital media that's really interesting.

The latest advertisement from Chrome tells the story quite nicely:

Basically, the GaGa model about building an online fan-base and embracing them by:
  • Interacting with them regularly through the social media ecosystem (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google + etc)
  • Allowing them use your music and other IP for free
  • Encoring them to use your music and other IP for free
  • Giving them a name, i.e. little monsters
I'm sure there are many other aspects to the GaGa model I'm not aware of - if you have any thoughts, please let us know!

One final thing... check out this burning quote from an interview she did with Bernard Zuel

"People that blame things on piracy and blame things on music being stolen...it's just an excuse for not being creative enough"

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