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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Making Social Media Work - Joining Up The Dots

Social media exists in the digital ether of the internet and while it is multi faceted it just sits in front of the end user on a computer screen.

Because social media sits on a computer screen it is two-dimensional and it’s life and personality is totally limited by the medium. Social media really comes to life when people step out from behind the monitors and begin to interact with objects and real people.

This interaction was demonstrated to me the other day when for the very first time a group of people who have joined a special interest group met for the very first time. The special interest group was rock climbing and the members of this SIG proposed a meet up at a local indoor climbing wall. A good time was had by all and suddenly the social medium environment became much more robust and meaningful.

It was at this point in time that a light bulb went on in my head and I realised why 7 Eleven have invested so heavily in their facebook page. We have talked about 7 Eleven before here and if we return to their social media page HERE we can see that they are really investing hard in this medium.

7 Eleven are using facebook to resolve customer service issues and also to promote products and specials. A problem resolved creates a happy customer. 

But more importantly, look at those snakes. I really fancy one. 
There is a 7 Eleven just up the road from my office; I’m nipping out to make this social media come alive right now.

I might even participate in the cult of Slurpee too!


  1. Maybe not quite social media, but essentially the same idea. The popular video game franchise Grand Turismo selects talented drivers that do well in the game to race in real life - read more here http://eu.gran-turismo.com/au/news/academy/d30342.html

  2. Brilliant- does the winner get to drive a real car in a real race?

  3. Better yet - i think the winners get to compete at Le Mans with the pros! note: they get professional driving training before hitting the track


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