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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is advertising heading towards a 'Moneyball' model?

Back in the 90's, to reach a local audience the easy fix was a national TV campaign. Simple. Everyone watched TV.

Move forward to today it's not so simple. Your target local audience may watch TV, but less of it because they're consuming a whole host of other media on other devices. The decision about which platforms to advertise on and which media content to back is now much more complicated.

But has the advertising game fundamentally changed? 

In one way, no. People are still willing to watch ads to access free content. No change there.

In another way, yes. The NBN (National Broadband Network) and associated businesses like Apple and Netflixs are likely to change the game by giving consumers unprecedented access to media content.

But what's really going to change the game is companies like Google, Facebook and Apple use market research and analytics to gain a competitive advantage. The more we consume content through these media sites, the more these companies learn about us and subsequently know how to get our attention. More importantly they can prove it.

The Googles, facebooks and Apples of the world right now have up to the moment, profoundly detailed real time viewer and viewing analytics about our behaviour. As we move closer to a fully digital world, every advertisers will soon be able to know (perhaps for the very first time) who is watching their ads, when, from where and how in real time.

Is this going to be a game changer? Just like the Oakland Athletics baseball team changed baseball with their Moneyball approach to building a winning a team. Just like Oakland, who stopped caring about what players and their girlfriends looked like as long as they got on base, will advertisers stop caring about what their ads look like as long as they get views?

For those who haven't see the movie - here is the trailer (we gave it 4 out 5 stars)

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