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Friday, June 29, 2012

Optus Vision 2012 - Thriving in the new normal

With the Euro economic crisis still yet to be resolved, increased competition from overseas markets and fundamental changes in the way ‘Aussie’ consumers shop and behave, many large Australian businesses are struggling to keep up and are in the process of restructuring and rationalising their service offerings.

Thus businesses across the spectrum are looking towards technology to gain a competitive edge and build more value into their services. The Optus Vision 2012 Future of Business report couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Vision 2012 report is based on research conducted by Stancombe Research + Planning, which included in-depth interviews with business leaders from a range industries and surveying more than 500 IT, marketing and finance executives involved in making decisions for large 200+ employee size organisations.

For the full report, click here

However, if you are just after a snapshot, here is one for you via the Stancombe team:

Digital is the future of the Australian economy due to increased competition via globalisation, social media changing the media landscape and smarter mobile devices increasingly becoming an essential part of everyday life. At the heart of change are businesses scrambling to meet rapidly changing customers expectations, e.g. building apps, mobile websites and having a social media presence. Below is a diagram that outlines the key forces shaping the ‘Future of Business’ in Australia.

So this is what’s happening now, but what about in the next 3-5 years? Here is a quick glimpse into the future. The proportion of large Australian businesses:

blocking of staff access to social media at work will decrease from 25% to 9%

With online purchasing/ordering arrangements will increase from 35% to 54% 

With online self-service applications will increase from 34% to 56% 

With mobile websites will increase from 29% to 47%

With mobile apps will increase from 18% to 48%

With mobile payment options will increase from 5% to 23%

With profit measures of online/mobile benefits will increase from 15% to 33%

With smartphones issued to at least 20% of staff will increase from 54% to 81% 

With tablets issued to at least 20% of staff will increase from 8% to 69% 

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