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Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween In Paddington - 2012

Well, I don’t know about you but we just enjoyed a very convivial Halloween celebration in our local stomping ground of Paddington, Sydney.

After years of refusing to get into the sprit of this pagan festival – not just because it is out of season OR because it is an American custom and irrelevant to us Aussies in a different part of the world OR because it makes no sense because we just quite frankly aren’t superstitious and in need of warding off evil spirits before the harvest is stored for the year – but because it is so highly commercialised and requires (let’s face it) more than just a little bit of effort at what is already a very busy time of year.

But, celebrate we did and great fun was had by all. A couple of hundred dollars later and the confectionary companies, the costume companies and the supermarkets are all better for it (Did the consumer spending index just spike?). 

I think even we as people and members of our local community are better for it.

Here’s to more reasons to get together with locally based friends and strangers for no good reason at all except to get dressed in silly (or very scary) costumes and have a few hours of pure fun!

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